Monday, October 28, 2013

Exciting News!

We are excited to share with you our newest adventures!  We are both opening up our own individual Teachers Pay Teachers stores, as well as our own individual teaching blogs. We will no longer be writing blog posts on Lesson Plan SOS. In addition, we will be transferring all the lessons we wrote to our respective Teachers Pay Teachers store. Paul and Karen have been a tremendous help with transferring our lessons over to our new Teachers Pay Teachers stores!!! :) We love TPT! We hope to have all of our old lessons and all well as some new and exciting ones transferred over to our stores and active by November 1, stay tuned! If you followed our Lesson Plan SOS Teachers Pay Teachers store, you will automatically be following our new Teachers Pay Teachers stores. However, we can't transfer the followers to our new blogs- so be sure to do so!!!

We've loved working with you over the years.  It has been great getting to know so many of you! Thank you for all of the memories you helped us create! 

We hope you'll check out our new blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers Stores!!!

  Click here to go to Nicole's new blog and click here to visit Nicole's TPT store.

Inspire Me, ASAP

Click here to go to Melissa's new blog and click here to visit Melissa's TPT store.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Melissa at

 or Nicole at


Exploring Elementary said...

Best of luck ladies! It is going to be a little strange to not go and check out Lesson Plan SOS each week! BUT now I have TWO new blogs to check so that is a good thing! I know this sounds a little crazy, but I get a little teary eyed thinking that this is the last time to see a blog on here. You guys have been SO VERY instrumental to me these past few years. So very thankful for both of you. Many, many blessings! Carmen

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Fawad Ahmed said...

Best of luck to you guys on starting a new journey in the world of blogging, more work meaning more fun hope you guys are up to it.

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